About Biggie

Biggie3My first book, BIGGIE, is about one loner’s imperfect chase of perfection. Although he’s shy and more than 300 pounds, Henry “Biggie” Abbott has figured out life. Biggie is a straight A student and has hundreds of online friends, including girlfriends in 17 states. Of course none of those girlfriends live in his home state of Iowa, and none of the friends live in his hometown of Finch. None of that bothers Biggie, who has traded friendships with classmates for a life free of teasing, mocking and ridicule. Biggie truly believes he’s the only high school student in America that isn’t made fun of at school.

As Biggie’s junior year begins, the girl of his dreams, Annabelle Rivers, starts to flirt with him. She tells him he should join the baseball team and he gives her a tour of his parents’ amazing house. After a betrayal of trust ends their potential relationship, Biggie must become something he never thought he would: a baseball player. As he continues to chase Annabelle, he deals with a diabetes scare, teasing from classmates, gets in his first fist fight, and experiences the heartache of watching his arch enemy date his girl. He also finds a best friend; comes to grips with a father, who left him behind and a step-father, who plays favorites; and realizes his personal limitations.

He also learns that there is more to life than perfect grades, perfect attendance, perfect friends and perfect games, especially if you find yourself in the arms of the perfect girl.

BIGGIE is available now.